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Friday, September 27, 2013


This week we finished most of our introductory unit.  There was no unit test because this should have been review from 6th and 7th grade! We are moving on to our first unit in Matter.  Students should have received a Google doc with the list of vocabulary words for their vocabulary charts.  Vocab charts are due October 3rd.

Next week we will be focusing on how to effectively communicate results in science (through lab reports) by doing a mini lab that involves creating a hypothesis, identifying variables, collecting data, analyzing data as well as making a conclusion.  Everyone should have a pretty good grasp on all of these steps seeing as that we just finished the scientific method unit.  We will also be focusing heavily on communicating with graphs, pictures and charts.  Students will be creating graphs to represent their data collected.

Last, as I was watching tv the other night and we were just finishing the scientific method unit, I came across this hilarious skit that was done by Jay Leno called "Winnovations".  The clip goes perfectly with talking about data and how the placebo effect or "power of suggestion" can cause data to be skewed.  Video will be shown in class, but to view online look below.

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