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Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcome Back!

BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! The students and teachers both seems eager (and a little bit tired) this week! While it seems everyone is happy to be back it is a busy time with a ton of information.  This week students did an activity that helped me gain a little better understanding of what science meant to them.  Also, we got everyone logged onto the computers to make sure they all had access and get them logged in to their Google drive.  Everyone should have their usernames and passwords to access this site and it is very important that if they do not they see me for their information.  They will use their Google drive in most classes as well as on their own.  Students practiced by putting 7th grade materials in folders and taking a quick "Get To Know You" survey.  Parent Letter and information should have went home about our upcoming field trip to Irons Oaks and will need to be returned to school by Friday September 6th.

Next week MAP testing for math will be done in science classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and we will be learning about Lab Safety and Procedures.  All students must have their materials noted in parent letter ready for class by Thursday (9/5).

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